Sunday, November 8, 2009

Waters of our minds quilt

Well its finally finished! This is the quilt that I saw on the wall when I walked into Sewco, that inspired me to get into quilting.

I've made it for Mum's 60th birthday which is on Wednesday (so she hasn't seen it yet, sssh!). I made it in batik fabrics in colours of the sea, which she loves. It also represents the mind and our subsconscious, in honour of Mum's wisdom, spirituality and her career in social work.

I used Matilda's Own small circles plastic templates and freezer paper to make the circles (all 42, not that I was counting!!).

Borders on:

With circles on the border:

My wonderful teacher Lyn from Sewco was kind enough to do the stunning echo quilting in a King Tut varigated thread:

Finished! I just love the colours in the sun:


  1. OMG Melissa! It's absolutely beautiful! Your Mum is going to flip! You must be so happy to see it completed... I know the feeling. Congratulations on making such a a beautiful family heirloom quilt. xxx

  2. Wow! That's amazingly beautiful. Well done and what a great daughter you are!