Sunday, January 31, 2010

Raspberry lime splice quilt

I made this quilt for my dear friend Anna, to celebrate her birthday, blessingway and the upcoming birth of her baby. She is having her baby at home very soon, and I am honoured that she has asked me to support her at the birth (along with a team of other women including the indescribably amazing midwife I had for Mia's birth at home).

Six months ago I spotted Fiona Hammond's pattern for “Raspberry Lime Splice Quilt” in Down Under Quilts magazine (Issue 128, Jan 2009). I immediately wanted to make it for Anna, with it's curvaceous curves reminding me of a pregnant woman. Unfortunately it's not one of the issues they have available online, so if you want to make it you'll have to order a back copy or get the issue from the library.

I made it in less than 2 weeks, in time for her blessingway.

As I mentioned in my previous post I used these fat quarters, mostly by Kaffe Fassett and Amy Butler, from the half price sale at Patches at Indooroopilly.

The finished quilt, with borders and binding on!

If you go to Fiona Hammond's blog you can see this same design in other colourways.

I gave the quilt to Anna before her blessingway, and we used it in the middle of the circle:

Blessings and love to Anna for her birth!


  1. Hi Melissa

    I haven't looked at your blog for ages and cannot believe all the beautiful things you have made. The quilt you made for your friend's blessing way is just work of art (and love, of course!).

  2. Sorry for typo. I meant "a work of art".