Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Echino peg bag

Our poor old peg bag was looking a bit tired and ripped - held together by a peg! So at my hubby's request I whipped up a new one, using a gorgeous linen fabric (Birds & Blooms, Echino by Kokka).

I get such a kick out of using something every day that is bright, happy and handmade by me. It's got me thinking I want more of that feeling when I look around the house. So my goal for AFTER the Christmas crafting craziness is to make some goodies like cushions, a new curtain for the bathroom and some rag rugs for the kitchen.


  1. And a pretty peg bag for me too?

  2. It's very pretty, I have the same goal! Mine include peg bag, rag rugs, pillows to start with.