Thursday, February 9, 2012

Off to class with 3Hours Past & Laundry Collection's Sewing School

Sew. Much. Fun.

Steph from 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World ~ Sewing, Pattern Alteration, Vintage Style, Ethical Fashion and more has teamed up with Mel from Laundry Collection’s Sewing School to run a four week Sewing Foundation course in Brisbane. You can read more about Steph on her blog here.

Sewing Foundations- Learn to sew or buff up your skills with a passionate, experienced teacher.

Learn sewing fundamentals while creating a casual outfit you can actually wear! We’ll make a simple shopping bag, Ginger - a versatile A-line skirt pattern, and a Blank Canvas Tee. Skills and concepts covered include:

Understanding basic fabric types (including a swatch kit you can keep)
Grain- straight of grain, bias grain, and knits
Sewing terms
Cutting procedures
Working with a pattern so it fits (we can also lower the waistband on the skirt and play with the neckline on the tee if that’s an issue!)
Sewing a strong, durable plain seam
Interfacing and its uses
Using an overlocker (one will be provided)
Inserting an invisible zipper
Patch pocket application
Hems (Use the same skill to take up pants!)
Basics of cutting and sewing knits- including stitches, needles, and stabilizers
Embellishments (For more comfortable sewists. Whatever you like- stenciling, applique, lace insertion. Try me. :))
Sizing in patterns and clothing companies

I was really excited when I first saw details of this course. I've been lucky to do classes with Steph before (an Amy Butler bag and my birthday workshop), so I know what a great teacher she is. And not to mention, one cool chick (she makes all her amazing clothes and is so generous with her advice).

Although I'm confident with quilting and making kids' clothes, I'm really daunted by adult dressmaking. I am thrilled at the prospect of learning to make clothes for myself that fit well and out of great fabrics. And I WILL conquer my fear of zips!

Earlier this week five of us attended our first class. I was ridiculously excited to be there! There's a real mix of experience amongst us and we are all keen to learn.

The lovely Steph talked us through the projects we will be making, the different kinds of fabrics and extras we will need (cotton knits = good, lycra = bad. See, I took notes), gave hints on places to shop for great dressmaking fabrics in Brisbane and much more.

Our week 1 project was a simple carry bag, made out of re-purposed fabric (in my case, a pre-loved blockout curtain) and embellishments kindly provided by Steph and Mel. Given my addiction to new fabric, upcycling is shamefully not a habit I have cultivated. Crazy, given that the roots of patchwork and quilting lie in marrying thrift and beauty.

I am thrilled with the result, a creative and eco-friendly solution to my need for a swimming bag. Looking forward to more green sewing.

I love this little dude. Must try more to channel my inner, chilled-out gnome.

Can't waaaaaiiiittttt for next week - we are making a t-shirt using Steph's own free-to-download Blank Canvas Tee pattern.

If you are in Brisbane and keen to learn how to sew in a fun way, then run don't walk here to Steph's website for full information on the course.

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  1. Thanks Melissa! It's always lovely to have you in class.. :)

    Your appliques are so pretty!

    I get that about quilting marrying thrift and beauty... The practice of buying twice as much fabric as necessary to chop it up and make quilts and waste heaps of fabric drives me nutty... I did it exactly once and it really went against the grain...