Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jo's quilt

After much hard work by many people, I finally finished Jo's quilt! I delivered it to her today and saw gorgeous little Otto.

It seems like a long time ago that I was collecting some of the finished blocks at the Maternity Coalition Xmas pizza party at Bruce & Erika's:

These were the washed fabrics for the sashing and binding, which Jo picked out:

Thanks to everyone who gifted some lovely scraps for the posts:

Drum roll please....the front of the finished quilt!:

The back, with all your messages on printable fabric:

I won't upload pics of them all, but these are some of the blocks set in the quilt. Jo's square:

The square Jo made for Hugo:

The square Jo made for Isobel:

Anna's square:

Heather's square:

Alex's square:

Megan's square:

Julie's square:

Corinne's square:

Suz's square:

The quilt label:

Little Otto was asleep when we arrived today. However I got these lovely photos of Jo and Simon with the quilt:

It was an absolute pleasure to coordinate this quilt for Jo, to honour her as a dear friend and fellow activist. I also loved sharing my newfound love of quilting with you all!


  1. It looks so beautiful, Melissa. You did a wonderful job coordinating it and stitching it all together. Well done. Thanks for putting all the lovely photos in your post.

    See you soon

  2. Wow! It loooks great Melissa, thanks so much for organising this for Jo and her fam, you are an angel xxx Meganx

  3. this is INCREDIBLE - mindblowing amount of work in there and such a gorgeous gorgeous idea and present.