Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Child is Born wall hanging

Sometimes I feel unaccomplished that I'm not moving into designing my own patterns or creating fabric designs eg. to print via Spoonflower. Mostly I've come to realise that people who **do** do those things need lots of people like me, in order to support their creativity! At the heart of my passion for sewing is seeing a project designed by someone, that I know a loved one will like. I'll learn whatever technique I have to in order to make it. I'll make it with joy in my heart for how much I hope they will like it, and feel seen or understood by me.

I cut out an ad from an issue of Down Under Quilts magazine about two years ago for a wall hanging called "A Child is Born" by Michelle's Sewing Basket in Victoria. I've had the ad on my cork board all this time, wanting to make it for my mother-in-law. She has a very strong faith plus she has been very supportive of me as a mother, especially in regards to things that matter to me like breastfeeding and homeschooling (when we still were).

I finally purchased the pattern and planned to make it for her birthday. The pattern was really clear and the staff at Michelle's Sewing Basket were very lovely when I rang up for advice on quilting.

I bought the batik fabrics, pre-made black bias binding and double needle from Sewco. Stain glass quilting was a really fun and easy technique to learn. The whole project came together quite quickly. It was my MIL's birthday yesterday, so I finally got to give it to her and she did love it.

Placing the pieces:

All ironed on:

Starting to iron on the fusible bias binding. Notice the ad on my corkboard!

Using a double needle to sew the binding on:

Finished! Final size was approx. 27" x 45".


  1. Wow! You are simply amazing...and generous of your time, and love and skill...your MIL is blessed to have you in her family and I feel very lucky to have you in my life. x

  2. Thanks for the shout-out. Your stained glass project looks incredible- no surprises there. I know what you mean, about feeling like you "should" contribute to spoonflower and so on, but sometimes it's just nicer to make something pretty for someone you care about....

  3. You are amazing lady, and one of my inspirations. I'm floundering a little coming from the go-go-go of film and tv to the go-go-go of my life now, but creating gives me a voice. You've helped me with that and even before I've asked for help I loved seeing what you were doing. That wall hanging is devine, and your clarity and sense of self is uplifting. Thanks for sharing.