Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blythe about Ippy town

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be looking after one of my friend's Blythe dolls, who she has named Rosie. For those in the know, she is a Neo Blythe "Simply Guava". For those who don't know about these dolls which have created an obsession amongst grown women worldwide, you may wish to read this.

Unable to leave Rosie in a hot car all morning, she came along on our expedition through Ipswich's coolest new shops. With Mum and I along for the ride and aided by our trusty local tour guide Anna, this is Ippy, Blythe-style...

First Rosie had to fortify herself with cake at fourthchild. Well, three kinds of cake to be precise. And some honeybush tea. Why not? She made a note to self to return one day for lunch.

Caught lusting after this satiny redness at Obsession Shoes:

Mmmm, Cultiver. So. Much. Creative. Goodness. Rosie bought some snuggly knitted cowls for some sick friends and a gorgeous print by the amazingly talented Chrissy Foreman C.

Having a quick burn around on a 1950s scooter in the store ES Traders (located behind Bon Laneway), she was very taken by jewellery, clothing and leather bags by Australian label Elk. She wondered if they might do a line for Blythes.

After all that shopping it was time for a snooze in the car on the way to a gig back in Brisbane, to be an out-of-the-box model on her owner's stall at a fab new event in Brisbane called Fabric-a-Brac. It's a six-monthly chance to de-stash and re-stash. Email Lindsey ( fabricabracbris at gmail dot com ) if you think you might like to have a stall and/or attend the next one. You might even meet Rosie.

No restrictive packaging for this dynamo. She likes to live life large.

Postscript: This is my very own first Blythe I got from Japan a few weeks ago. She is a Simply Chocolate I have named Lucie Ann after my great-great grandmother. Yesterday this Lucie-Ann was literally left at home on the shelf. I don't think she was happy. Must take her on an adventure today.


  1. I think I have an original one of these dolls! She has orange hair and when you pull a string at teh back of her her eyes blink and change colour! she is very cool and very freaky!

  2. i had no idea there was so much happening in Ipswich!