Sunday, February 27, 2011

Flea Market Fancy sewing machine cover by Bloom

Another week, another project!

This week I completed this wonderful sewing machine cover called "Beyond Measure" designed by Roslyn Mirrington of Bloom. It was featured in the 10th Birthday Celebration Edition of Australian Homespun magazine (No. 90, Vol 11.11). You can also now buy the pattern here from Roslyn's website.

Roslyn featured Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley, but I used Denyse's Flea Market Fancy fabrics. (I think I'll have to make a second for a special someone who gifted me some Hope Valley fabric! You know who you are!).

I really like it when I fall in love with a project, and that desire to make it compels me to master new techniques! I LOVED making this project, not only because I adore the design and the fabrics, or because I really needed a cover for my sewing machine - but because I learnt lots of new things. I enjoyed quilt as you go, loved doing the hand embroidery (using cotton that used to belong to my Grandmother, so special) and was thrilled to successfully make piping cord by using my zipper foot for the first time. Satisfaction and beauty!


  1. You are getting beyond clever...make babies and all this other stuff too!

  2. Wow Lis, It's gorgeous! You are so clever, and brave. I never tackle new things like that because I'm just so sure I won't be able to do it. Stoopid, eh?!

  3. That fabric is so delicious! But the project sounds beyond my capabilities. Maybe when I have conquered quilting triangles?

  4. Hi Melissa!
    Thanks so much for sending me your link. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond! Wow, your cover is fantastic! You have done a wonderful job of it. Very special to see it in Flea Market Fancy - one of my all time favourite ranges. There are a few versions of the cover floating around cyberspace, and I have to say, yours is impeccably done! Lots of people have been scared off by the stitchery or the piping. So congratulations! I love it!
    Best wishes,