Saturday, September 24, 2011

SouleMama's Treasure Bags

I love that school holidays bring more opportunities to catch up with friends. Yesterday we had a day of sewing and play with my friend Andrea and her daughters. We repurposed mesh, a sheet and scraps to make Amanda Blake Soule's Treasure Bags, featured in her second book Handmade Home.

If you haven't already, also check out her first book The Creative Family and her most recent The Rhythm of Family. Amanda's blog SouleMama is one of my favourites.

My girls have taken their bags out this morning on a hunting and gathering mission with their Dad for treats from the corner shop, but I imagine they'll also be used to collect treasures from nature. The mesh will mean that water and dirt can fall out when they hold shells or rocks.

Thanks to SouleMama for her inspiring words and projects, and to Andrea for bringing the perfect materials and making our making happen!

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