Sunday, September 11, 2011

Then and Now Quilt Show

Miegunyah House Museum is home of the Queensland Women’s Historical Association (QWHA). You can read about the history of this gorgeous Brisbane home here.

This weekend, the QWHA held a two day quilt show called Then and Now Quilt Show. The exhibition featured quilts from the “Miegunyah” Collection and from Kenmore Schoolhouse Quilters.

What was once women’s work has become a creative art form. Quilts have evolved from utilitarian bedcovers into works of fine art. Quilts exhibited at “Miegunyah” will reflect these changes and highlight some of the 19th century techniques alongside the contemporary practices being used today.

The oldest dated quilt in Miegunyah's collection from 1821, made up of postage stamp-sized hexagons.

Gorgeous quilt hanging in one of the windows, creating a stained glass effect.

Quilts were on display in the example of a children's room from a bygone era. I would love to make one of the rugs.

A display featuring the oldest sewing machine I have ever seen got me thinking about what the women in past generations of my family must have sewn on (as did the authentic laundry - hard work!).

Bidding us farewall, even by Australian standards this Moreton Bay fig tree in the grounds was very tall!


  1. What wonderfully neat seams that one in the window has! I want to make a rug like that fact I have started hording old t-shirts and cutting them into a long strip ...I have a few balls rolled already (probably only need a hundred more!)

  2. Oh I love Miegunyah! I wish this exhibition was on for longer. Glad you enjoyed your journey into the past. (posted by Heather - can't get my Google acount to work)

  3. Oh Lis, it looks lovely! Sounds like you had a ball. xxx