Saturday, October 3, 2009

Quilting for Happiness

My almost 5yo daughter came up with the name of this blog, when I said I wanted to start a blog about my quilts inspired by my friend Sarah's blog.

I asked why she thought I should call mine "Quilting for Happiness", and she said because she knows how much I love quilting and it makes me happy.

It's true! I'm feeling so filled up by it! I love dreaming of quilting, shopping for fabrics, reading books about quilting (including Elm Creek Quilts novels!) and reading magazines including Down Under Quilts online (via a free 6 month subscription through Sarah Fielke's site I even enjoy handwashing and ironing the fabric to get it ready!!

I did my first patchwork class at Sewco Sewing Centre at Mt Gravatt in May this year. What follows are some of my first creations!

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  1. Hi Melissa, I met your friend Sarah and she has convinced me to start my own blog, as it is easy and fun to do, and she wasn't wrong! I too am obsessed about patchwork and I have been this way for several years. So, for me, the obsession has not worn off, only become stronger. I look forward to see some more of your work. Mel