Monday, October 19, 2009

Quilty times

After the sentimentality of my last post, I succumbed to my perfectionist tendencies and have passed on Mum's birthday quilt on to my wonderful teacher Lyn, who has kindly offered to echo quilt it. It took me almost an hour to unpick the mistakes I had made before I handed it onto her - I think it was the right decision! I have a lifetime to learn how to quilt, and I want this one to be perfect.

I had an exciting moment on Saturday. The residents of a nearby street had all arranged to have garage sales on the same day. The first house we visited had a pile of patchwork magazines for sale out front. Turns out the woman is a quilter! She has invited me round for a cuppa, to talk all things quilting! We have both been wishing we had someone in the neighbourhood who is also into quilting. Yippee!

I got to properly test out my Birch mini iron yesterday at Sewco, at my Sylvia's Bridal Quilt class. I also bought a cutting/ironing board I have had my eye on for months - perfect.

I have some yummy new additions to the stash:

Thank you to my friend Michelle R who sent me these gorgeous fabrics for my birthday! My mind is ticking over with ideas!

I bought this gorgeous Liberty print a few years ago. It's been with a friend who was going to make it into a baby sling for me but now its back!

I mentioned in a previous post about wanting to make a quilt inspired by Charles Rennie McIntosh's roses. Last month I saw this most gorgeous quilt by Robyn Ginn at the Toowoomba Quilt Show. I was lucky enough to meet her and have her tell me all about the quilt.

She said she was inspired by this roses fabric, given to her by a Scottish friend.

Detail of her tiny log cabin roses:

On a mission to find a similar roses fabric, I posted a request and uploaded a pic of the roses fabric to Sarah Fielke's fantastic website Sewn, which has a fab free service called Find Fabric. Less than 24 hours later I had received an email from Elkabee's Fabric Paradise in the States, saying that they stock this whole range of fabric for only US$8.25 a yard! Two yards of it arrived last week.

I also found the gorgeous fabric on the right to go with it at Spotlight yesterday. My head is full of dreams about this new quilt.

I have a few more to enjoy finishing first though - Mum's, Jo's, one for Paul for Xmas and a mystery project using these freshly washed fabrics....

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  1. Hi Melissa

    That Rennie Macintosh roses quilt is gorgeous. Wasn't he a wonderful designer?

    I have half finished appliqueing Jo's patch and have bought a quarter-inch foot for my machine so if you would like any help, Jo and I are willing to visit. I also want to contribute to the cost of Jo's quilt as I know it all adds up.